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Dennison Logging Inc we are a small family owned business with over 25 years in the forest management industry. We have worked all over the Flathead Valley,most of our work has been in Lake County around Flathead Lake. We have completed forest management projects on the islands as well, including Wildhorse island and Little Bull island on Flathead lake. 

We specialize in urban interface, forest renovation projects, small and large tracts. Our services include:  forest restoration projects, forest fuel (fire) reduction, selective logging, chipping, burning slash, road building, storm cleanup, brush mowing,  hazard tree removal, tree topping for wildlife habitat, clearing for agriculture(apple, cherry orchards etc) slash grinding.

We also contract with the Forest Service and the Department of Natural Resources for Wildland Fire . We have water handling equipment a fire engine and a off road engine (skidgine). We also use our engine for assisting in burning slash piles we create in our regular business.

We offer a variety of applications and use a mix of equipment to meet our clients objectives, from hand to mechanical. We use a small skid steer for removing debris around homes and other sensitive areas.

If the Landowner desires we utilize consulting foresters to help our clients in making sure their objectives are met. 

" Forest Management = Forest Health"'

Dennison Logging Inc


62 Sunrise Drive

Kalispell Montana 59901

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